BREXIT is the new play from Robert Khan and Tom Salinsky

Brexit is happening. Slowly. The 18-month transitional arrangement is now in its fourth year. New Prime Minister Adam Masters was the only candidate all factions of the party could agree on. Surely his plan for Brexit must be the right one. What was it again...?

★★★★★ Scotsman
"Deliciously played... wonderful"

 ★★★★ Times (Ann Treneman)

★★★★ Daily Mail
"Hilariously pessimistic vision"

★★★★★ Daily Business
"Superb entertainment"

★★★★ New European

★★★★ Bouquets and Brickbats
"Shakespearean in its exposure of human frailty and brutality.

★★★★ West End Wilma

★★★★ One4Review

★★★★★ Spy in the Stalls
“A true ‘play for today,’ rooted in current political reality, spiced with delicious humour, razor sharp with insight and sparkling wit”

"Looks set to take London by storm"

★★★★ London Pubs Theatres
‘A sharply written, sharply observed satire on the whole Brexit farce’

★★★★ ReviewsGate
 "A first rate antidote to the doom and gloom surrounding the whole affair"

★★★★★ London Theatre Reviews
"Performances were splendid... catch it while you can"

★★★★ London Box Office
"The sharp writing by Robert Khan and Tom Salinsky seems painfully truthful"

★★★★ The Gizzle Review
"Khan and Salinsky have written a tight and smart political drama, full of manipulation and intrigue to have the audience, as much as the characters, guessing until the end. Equally, it's incredibly funny"

★★★★ StageReview
"This witty, invigorating satire about the current Euro-debacle, is not the play this mired, political sham of ours deserves – it’s the one we need right now"

"Khan and Salinsky are masters of political satire"
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